A multidisciplinary task force for each project
to encourage co-construction and synergies creation

Équipe du porteur du projet

The organization's team that carries the project is responsible for guidance, validation, arbitration, and coordination with the organization's internal teams.


Project sponsors
The top management members
Project lead
Project manager and operational interlocutor
Other members according to the project's size

Coordonnateur Awlers

The coordination team is in charge of setting up the task force, coordinating the project, monitoring implementation and reporting.


Mobilization lead
Project Director and main contact person
Senior Mobilizer
Senior Project Manager in charge of coordination
Other members according to the project's size

Experts séniors

The expert team is the driving force behind the development of the mobilization strategy and the successful implementation. Experts can also contribute as speakers in media outings.

Experts examples

Opinion leaders
Senior experts with a strong influence on ecosystems related to the theme
Representative of national and international non-governmental organizations
Web influencers
Committed web influencers specialized in the covered topic
Academic researchers specialized in the treated subject
Other members according to the project's size

Technical partners

The technical partners contribute to the implementation of communication and mobilization actions

Partner organizations Examples

Communication agency
Design of communication supports
Digital communication agency
To implement digital communication actions (Digital media design, Social networks animation, publications sponsoring, ads...).
Events agency
Events organization
Press Relations Agency
Media Relations Management
Other partners according to the project needs