An agile and creative methodology, based on three proven principles, for high-impact mobilization


to set expectations

Design-thinking is a method of innovation management and problem-solving that combines analytical and intuitive thinking

Interest in mobilization projects

  • Foster creativity through the involvement of multi-disciplinary profiles
  • Gain efficiency through problem-solving oriented workshops
  • Develop cohesion among stakeholders and a strong sense of ownership


for concepts that work

The lean startup approach is an iterative methodology for managing innovative projects that promotes rapid product launches (MVP) and their improvement based on target returns

Interest in mobilization projects

  • Dealing with uncertainty about target response and changing contexts
  • Gain efficiency through decision making based on target returns
  • Quickly eliminate superfluous concepts to focus on the essentials

Agile Scrum

for a smooth implementation

Agile scrum is a methodology for managing product development projects that is based on an iterative, incremental and adaptive cycle

Interest in mobilization projects

  • Adapt concepts to changing contexts
  • Launch communication actions within short deadlines
  • Foster interaction and information sharing with the task force members